Our story is simple. We wanted to create a platform to make doing good as easy as shopping online. Whether you are a citizen, or represent a community, charity, corporation, or university we offer the tools and means for you to do good effortlessly.

We are a group of dedicated technology professionals who possess the passion to assist charities and their stakeholders achieve their goals. We come from the same place; we served in the third sector; we volunteered; we organized events; we raised funds; we managed charities; consequently, we really know how hard for a charity to survive; how hard to raise funds or to recruit and retain volunteers.

Inspired by this knowledge, we have spent the last two years designing, building, testing, and perfecting ways2help for our charities and citizens to take advantage of.

making doin'good in the world as easy as shopping online

We are the new kids on the block in a world filled with great peers; however, we wanted to offer something different: ONE destination, ONE roof. Think of us as the free Mall for Doing Good. Yes, most of our services (if not all) are totally free to the charities who give their time, love, and passion to their causes. Our platform is designed to support charities of all sizes by promoting them, raising awareness about their activities, spreading their mission, and most importantly, by bringing new audience to their digital world. Think of us as the extra free hands.

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Our words become our actions, then our actions become our words.

We stay real and never compromise the truth.

We know we are all different, and we do respect that.

We believe in your capabilities, and we do not judge you.

We tell it as is. No games, no tricks.

We provide full visibility to our stakeholders.

We just do it if we said we will.

We keep doing the right things until we get them right.

We take ownership of our actions and statements.

If we see it, then we solve it.

If it does leave an impact, we simply do it.

We want our kids to be proud of us.

If we know it, we share it.

We believe in collective knowledge.